SUP South Silver Video

We promise it was worth the wait…even if it was a year. So here it is! Video of Fletcher Burton’s epic stand up paddling (SUP) descent of South Silver Creek’s 600 foot per mile section. South Silver has always allured whitewater enthusiasts to it’s granite paradise of waterfalls and slides. It was no surprise to us when Fletcher called and wanted to try it’s first SUP descent. The sport of SUP has migrated inland and continues to grow with new vertical descents. Determined to take these “limits” to an entirely whole new level, Fletcher charged it and attempted every drop at least twice (even with a busted leg after Skyscraper). Fletcher has been pushing his the limits of the sport even before it hit mainstream, by standing up on his wave ski. No stranger to the paddling world either, he has many accomplishments including:

– 7x’s US Waveski National Champion
– 2x’s US Surfkayak Champion
– 2nd at Worlds Surfkayak in Brazil
– 2nd at Worlds Waveski in New Zealand
– 3x’s California dungeons and dragons champion (not really, he wrote that in)

Enjoy the film and we think Fletcher said it best,

“Maybe a stand-up paddler will never do what a kayaker does [on steep creeks] but there is a learning curve and gear to be developed to be able to accomplish something like South Silver Creek.” – Fletcher Burton

Gallery – Photos by Justin Patt and Brandy Suppi

18 Responses to “SUP South Silver Video”

  1. Jarl Moreland via Facebook says:


  2. Yeah dogg definitely takin it to the next level! and you stuck that one drop!

  3. Amazing, i have been waiting to see that footage since you told me about it. Mad props to Fletcher. Every sport needs their motivators and hopefully this is an experience that he can learn from so he can come back and pimp those lines.

  4. blair says:

    Your nuts Fletcher

  5. CATHY KING says:

    Nice drop Fletcher,show us more!!!!

  6. Mike Fisher says:

    RAD! Can I go next?!

  7. Corran says:

    Dude, you’re nuts.

    I like to run stuff I can stay on the board!



  8. Corran says:

    We’re going to the Kern this weekend – friday through Sunday – May 13-15. Anyone who wants to join us, come on down.

  9. Just the begining! you’ll be amazed at what ten years development will do!! roll on the videos…..

  10. Thomas says:

    That was freakin retarded! It was like watching someone get kicked in the balls over and over and some how wanting more.

  11. Ezmny says:

    Much respect !!!

  12. Vincent Shay says:

    Wild video Fletcher! We have done alot of crazy stuff together over the years and I wish I was on this one. At least we wear PFD’s now, right. AWESOME stuff!

    -vincent shay

  13. Mickey says:

    Proof once again that when crash test dummies are to smart to take the drop we will always have the Fletch-dog! Sweet stuff Fletch, looking forward to the next stuff.

  14. Don says:

    Nice job swimming South Silver. Maybe next time you can take a barrel like those really cool people over Niagra Falls.

  15. Casey says:

    Snyder would have made it look EZ!

  16. Billy Harris says:

    Not gonna lie I figured you would be swimming a lot of SS. I was particularly impressed with the fact that you had hockey pad’s on for it, it showed some forethought. Although I don’t think much of the idea, I sure as hell think its amazing that you went for it. Outcome be dammed, it made me wish I had a stand-up board. Your nuts, but I respect your determination. 20 years from now who knows maybe this shit will be normal. nice work laying it out there as a possibility, your still nutty as squirrel shit full stop…..

    Justin Patt as safety…… you knew him before this, and you still brought that hippy goon along…..really?

    Nice work, redonkulus, but entertaining.

    Billy Harris