New 1’s

cody howard on dry creek, california

Cody Howard laying 'er down on Dry Creek's "Spirit-looking falls". Darin McQuoid Photo.

Auburn’s low elevation creeks keep dishing it out! Just how much work and falling through the air do you wanna do? Nestled next to Beale Airforce Base is a short lived canyon on Dry Creek. This ultra-serious stack up enticed us to visit it twice. It’s a flat 2.3 mile hike and still, you “may just tuck tail and leave” upon seeing the falls. Check out the vid:

It starts off with a whirly curly 50+ footer that reconnects on a massive shelf half way down. After an hour of scouting, everyone was out except for Will Pruett who made a last minute decision to cross the creek and scout it from river left. From here, he saw a line of opportunity and gave it the thumbs up! Will dropped in off of a perfectly place ledge and put on quite the show in hand paddles. After a successful descent and cheers of celebration, there where no other takers. On downstream, where a lurking 30’er lies. This “Spirit Falls” looking drop lands onto three slabs of rock and later in the day was the site of an unfortunate accident where Jason Craig broke his pelvis, sacrum and lumbar. (please read below)

will pruett on dry creek

Will Pruett staring down the throat of a monstrous curling beast on Dry Creek. Darin McQuoid Photo

Our next mission was a “higher” elevation – South Deer Creek Falls. Again, this took multiple scouting missions to find the perfect flow. Too high and its an angry beast, too low and she’ll smack ya hard, just right and it’s a challenging curling launcher. So with careful scouting and safety, all three of us (Will Pruett, myself and Darin McQuoid) had sweet lines down the tricky 50’er.

cody howard on south deer creek

Cody boofing out South Deer Creek's epic 50'er. Darin McQuoid Photo

Signing off. But before you go, please make sure and check out this link to the Jason Craig Recovery Fund. If you are unable to donate, please “like” it and spread the word to your buddies. Young Jedi Craig will charge again soon! Thanks viewers! -CH

loading up kayaks

Gotta deal with a little snow to get these babies! Darin McQuoid Photo

4 Responses to “New 1’s”

  1. Evan says:

    Looks mean good to see people are still finding new runs in Auburn. Just curious watching the video what went wrong with Jason’s landing he looks to be at nearly the same spot as Darin with a little less boof, maybe too far left? How did the injuries occur? That thin of a line?

    • HUCKIN HUGE says:

      Yup, ‘nearly’ the same spot…just a matter of inches to the left is the shelf. Center is tough cuz it sluffs you left and you definitely don’t wanna fall right.

      • Jeff says:

        Was Jason paddling the Green Kayak?

        • Guy Cables says:

          Jason was paddling the green kayak. We are going to have a benefit fund raising party for medical bills this year at The Really Cool Auburn River Festival May 20-22. Jason won the rodeo contest last year. I guess he is going to have to be a judge this year. There is already a fund set up that you can contribute.