Middle Moke, shoot damn!

We’ve been back from our overseas adventure for a couple weeks meow and have gotten on a coupla runs here and there. This one was an exploratory mission into the Middle Fork of the Mokelumne River, CA. The “Moke” is famous for it’s epic run on the North Fork…you might have heard of it…Fantasy Falls. Well knowing that this wasn’t going to be no Fantasy, but still a good overnight adventure, we put on the stream and found a few good rapids, the highest concentration of poison oak on a single run and some sick campin’. Enjoy y’all!

6 Responses to “Middle Moke, shoot damn!”

  1. Ha! The motorboat jumping the house pretty much beats any boof…


  2. Yeee Haw Boy! Git er dun! OOOO WEEEE!

  3. Dang! Nice whitewash in dem streams down yonda!

  4. dr willy says:

    Who does that song in the background?