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How to Stay Safe While Traveling on Vacation

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Every year, people have their travel plans cut short due to crime. Hotel room break-ins, car thefts and robberies can take a person’s money, possessions and their sense of peace. That’s why it’s important for travelers to follow basic safety rules while on vacation.

Know Where You’re Going

Many people choose to travel by car, offering them the opportunity to see the sights. During these explorations, many people have become lost. Usually, this is not a problem, however sometimes it can put you in harm’s way.

Staying SafeUsing a GPS while traveling can help to eliminate this problem. With a GPS system, you can find your coordinates and the best route to get to where you want to be. If your car does not have a GPS system installed, they can be purchased at most electronic stores. GPS is also available on most smartphones and tablets.

Leave Your Car At Home

Car theft can curtail your vacation plans and leave you stranded in an unfamiliar city. Even if you have insurance that covers theft, it can take one or more days to process the paperwork for your rental. During this time, you have to pay for the car rental yourself, use a taxi service or public transportation.

If you’re traveling by car, consider renting a vehicle for your trip. Some car rental agencies offer rates that include unlimited mileage. Check the limits for the rental company before choosing the service you’ll use. You also want to check to make sure you will receive a replacement vehicle immediately if someone steals the car you rented.

Don’t Show Off Your Possessions

While traveling, you don’t want to call attention to yourself. Flashy jewelry, expensive electronics or large amounts of cash will attract thieves. Leave items of value at home and keep those that you take with you concealed while in public.

You also want to keep your items concealed in your hotel room. Many thefts occur in the hotel room itself. Don’t leave valuable items in plain view. If you are carrying items of value, make sure they are insured or covered under your current insurance policies. Items of sentimental value, which care irreplaceable, should be left at home.

Use the Hotel Safe to Store Valuables

If you are carrying valuable items, use the hotel safe to store these items. Many hotels allow for storage of larger items in the hotel’s main safe. You will incur a fee for this service and your access to these items may be limited. Check to see if this service is available before booking your room.

Most hotels have a safe in the room. This safe can provide protection for smaller items and those which need to be on hand. Check with the hotel before making a reservation, to determine if a room safe is available and if there is an additional fee for this service..

Know Basic Self Defense

One of the best weapons you have while traveling is you. Knowing basic self-defense techniques and strategies can help keep you from becoming a victim of crime. The most important strategies for self-defense, while traveling, is to limit your risk and be observant.

You can limit your risk by carrying less cash and valuables on your person. You can also do this by taking basic safety precautions such as locking your car and hotel room. Limiting your risk is just a way to practice basic safety rules while on vacation.

Being observant can keep you from encountering many problems. You always want to know what’s going on around you. Look for situations that should be avoided and issues that can arise. That will help you pre-plan an escape route from a problem area if needed.

Self-defense products can help if you encounter a problem, but only if you are comfortable with their use. In fact, if you don’t know how to use the product, it can pose a hazard to you. Before going on vacation test the products to determine how they work, so that you’ll be ready if you need it.

Keep Yourself Safe

Remember the reason for these safety rules is to protect you. While your possessions may seem important, they are not more important than your life. Don’t try to take on the criminals in order to protect your possessions.

If you’ve limited your risk with less cash, fewer valuables and a rental car, then you don’t have as much to lose. Use your self-defense skills to open a window of opportunity that will allow you to escape and get to safety.